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Jimmy K. Quinton
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Rúnaismeret tanár ❖ Túlkomplikáció

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« Válasz #15 Dátum: 2015. 09. 08. - 15:26:23 »

Jimmy has no knowledge about muggle sports, especially about football. But he has recognized that it has a great importance for them. Most of the pubs are full whenever a match is played by their electronic painting thing. It must be the same for them, as the quidditch is for wizards. However, Jimmy doesn not enjoy flying a broom, and doesn't like watching a game of it. It's such a wacky thing to enjoy a game that others are playing. Why do they do that?
„The one with the black and white ball, right? I have seen some kids playing in Rome.” It's popular in Italy too. It's a common sight there. Their house in Rome is not far away from a park which he often visited, while he has been there.
„Well, muggles have their own war too. But I don't think they want to train young soldiers. Who is this Mr. Quarithc? Is he some kind of a military officer? ” He asks. Jimmy is more interested in the history of muggles, rather than about their habits and electronical gadgets. One has to learn about their past to know about their world. Wizards and muggles share the same planet after all.
„Oh, it's time for me to continue my work… I'm trying to neutralize a curse on a locket.” He stands away from the table. It's really time for him to get back to work.
„It was a pleasure to meet you. See you in Hogwarts, Ms. Everfen.” Jimmy says goodbye to her. Merel is a nice and curious girl. Hopefully all the other students are as great as her.

//Thank you for the game :3 //

Merel Everfen

VII. Hugrabug - A Vérborz Prefektus

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« Válasz #16 Dátum: 2015. 09. 12. - 00:22:46 »

"Yep, that'll be the one. It's kind of the muggle quidditch. That is, more like a cultural equivalent as the world-popular sport. Though they play it on the ground, one big gate-thingy instead of the three loops, and only chasers and keepers in the teams, and just the one ball." I summarize the game for Jim.
"Though if some hooligans on the viewing stands throw some bottles or rocks at the players, those can be the bludgers, though that's not in the rules." I add as a piece of trivia.

"They kinda have something at all times. Though the last big one was decades ago. In the forties. That was back before the first You-know-who deal, right?" What is it here, we're getting closer to sort of some anything goes scientific conference. Go figure.
"Nah, hot literally, just it feels like they would want to do that. Okay, maybe with some exaggeration. He too is just a PE teacher, just real bossy. For all I know. Or maybe he was an actual soldier before teaching, who knows? Besides him. And his fellow soldiers." I keep adding, just for good measure.

"Neutralize a curse? Ooh, that's what we'll do in classes too?" I brighten up. Well, "up even further than before" is more accurate. This class will just be awesome! Can't wait to see what it'll be like.
"Likewise. See you too there, Professor... okay, Quinton." I give in eventually, using the formal name I'll have to use in Hogwarts anyway. This year's gonna be the best yet, I can tell.

//Thank you too for the practice//

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